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We at Zona Industries Sialkot Pakistan, are the world-renowned manufacturers and exporters of the top-quality fishing tools and accessories. 

We have been exporting our products all over the world to amount to hundreds and thousands of instruments each year. In a very short amount of time, our company has grown immensely to offer a diverse product range as well as acquire international certifications proving to our customers that our words and our products, both are of the highest quality and meet all safety standards. 


At Zona the quality is set in motion through motivated specifications planning by trained technical personnel. The computer aided designing and imaging provide visual instruments a set configuration, which simplifies each aspect of product manufacturing.


We are a forward-looking company, and are determined to cover more milestones so as to be the world leaders in our field in the days to come. We shall cooperate with you every way possible, and assure to serve your business interests in the best way possible.


Our commitment is to meet the changing needs of work wear industry and to lead the industry by providing quality products at competitive cost.

We understand the diverse needs of our customers and know that quality along with delivery times are the most important and common requirements of our customers from both the segments. This realization allows us to serve our customers in the most efficient and cost effective manner.

Looking forward to serve you soon.